Cartographer yearns for something more than what pop-culture has been throwing at them. Influenced by everything from Periphery to Muse, the band began creating inside their Los Angeles studio during the early months of 2012. For Cartographer, it’s about connecting with people on a different level, and songs like “Perpetual Motion Machine” and “Paradox” are testament to how innovation can truly propel music into a new era. This is uncharted territory. This is Cartographer.

Acoustic Sessions (Digital EP)
Perpetual Motion Machine (Single)
Ascension (Single)
Self-Titled (EP/CD)
Alpha Wolf (EP/CD)
– Band features former members of Automatic Loveletter (Epic Records) & Ghost Town (Fueled By Ramen).
– Past Shows with Kingdom of Giants, For The Win & Everyone Dies In Utah.

Management: Scott Lee, Leah Urbano & Zachary Goble